Serious Games: Scenario Planning Climate Disaster


Theoretical / Design-Build-Test. This outline is for a number of possible projects that could be pursued around the use of Serious Games to model and plan for climate disaster.

An interesting resource is the climate countdown graphic provided by MCC Berlin at - scroll down about halfway.  The graphic provides an estimate of the duration until 1.5C and 2.0C warming is reached.  The estimate is based on real-time data, and this could provide a context to build your project around.  There is potential, for example, to attempt to build-in a climate tipping-point that translates as a 'climate disaster'

This description is a work-in-progress, please contact Marc Price for further details if you are interested.

Marc Price
Research Question
How can Civ be modified to model plausible scenarios resulting from impending climate disaster?
Design, build, and test a serious game that simulates a specific (plausible) scenario resulting from impending climate disaster.
Design, build, and test a serious game that simulates a climate disaster scenario as it unfolds, making use of live data (if freely available) that is extrapolated to the 'tipping-point'.
Proposed Primary Research
Based on chosen investigation/implementation.