App to Help Improve Posture


Body language is closely related to posture - The way we move our bodies affects how others see us as well as our own moods and habits. In terms of scientific research, the two overlap quite a bit. This isn't too surprising, but how our posture and body language affect our thoughts is.

For instance, a study at Ohio State University in 2003 found that our opinions can be subconsciously influenced by our physical behaviour. Here are two fascinating examples:

  1. When participants in the study nodded in agreements or shook their heads to signal disagreement, these actions affected their opinions without them realizing.
  2. The same study also showed that when participants hugged themselves, they were sometimes able to reduce their physical pain.

This project will research into how technology can be used to improve a person's posture, this can be a straight research project, or also a project where an artefact is produced.

Richard Wilkinson
Research Question
How can technology be used to improve a person's posture?