Staff Annual Leave Recording Software / System


There are a large number of staff employed at a local employer, each of who have their own individual allocation of annual leave to take during the working year; which runs from 1st sept to 31st Aug annually.

Depending on the level at which a member of staff is employed they have between 28 and 36 days leave per year.

Currently the employer uses a paperbased system to record staff annual leave, where a member of staff is given an annual leave card in which they record which days they intend on taking off as annual leave, which is signed off by their line manager. Once this is done they hand their card to an administrator who enters the details onto a speadsheet and shared outlook calendar.

The company would like a technical solution to this where each member of staff can log into an electronic system to book their days off, which is then signed off electronically by their line manager, co-signed by the administrator and automatically recorded onto a system.

Your task it to research into the wide range of options for development of such a system, then DESIGN - BUILD - TEST your solution.

Richard Wilkinson
Research Question
Can a software system be developed to record staff annual leave?