Porting UDK Levels to UE4



Over the past years we have created a huge number of UDK levels  for use in teaching and research at Worcester. Examples include rehabilitation of stroke victims, footfall planning for architects, virtual labs for learning physics and also mechanical engineering.

We are now in the process of 'porting' our extensive UDK assets and code into the Unreal-4 engine. Some baby-steps have been made; we have a decent draft coding framework but there is much work to be done. This project will focus on transferring materials, static meshes and terrain from UDK into Unreal-4. In addition you will work out how to create HUDs, on-screen graphs and plots, and work on the user interface. All of this must be linked into the code, which is written in C++.

The project could be situated in the context of (i) creation of a game, (ii) creation of a simulation. You may know that the University is working towards the establishment of a Faculty of Medicine. Simulations linked to medical training would be potentially interesting.

Primary data could be collected from your development process; you could keep a learning journal of problems encountered and solved (including details of fixes).

Colin Price
UDK Level
Research Question
You will test out your structured approach by applying it to one or more existing UDK levels and document the performance of your approach judged against criteria you agree with your supervisor.