Cloud Simulator


Design, Build, Test a Cloud Simulator.

Description: This is a design-build-test project to produce a piece of software using a language of your choice that simulates the visual appearance of clouds in real-time.

Key challenges: study and understand state-of-the-art techniques for simulating the appearance of clouds in real-time, then implement one of them and test that it works (the test needs to verify that the code works and that the intended model used is actually implemented).  This would be a challenging project.

Although the artefact (ie your software prototype) will be a key deliverable, we will also need to see:

  • a requirements specification and plan, developed through background research/study and discussions with your supervisor
  • a detailed and reasoned software design, showing how the model is interpreted into code
  • a development plan/log based on the above design (it is normal practice for a design to evolve throughout the development process, especially if using an agile approach)
  • a test strategy and log, showing the planned approach to verification and the results of your tests.
Marc Price
Research Question
Design, build, and test a Cloud Simulator in software.