How we move = how we feel


How we move = how we feel. Therefore, if we change the way we move, then we can change how we feel.

This is the core idea that Dance Movement Psychotherapy is built upon.

If we now look at the workforce in the UK, we find that 12.5 million working days were lost in the UK due to stress (Health and Safety Executive, 2017). Many people work sedentary, where very little movement takes place. So with the above core idea, if we get the workforce moving we should be able to change the way they feel, which has been found to work – problem is – any engagement with movement practices (yoga, walking etc) takes time away from the desk and actually doing work.

This project involves developing a programme that is integrated into the working day for those who spend most of their day at a computer. The programme will be built with movement theories, developed by Rudolf Laban, in mind and will measure the impact the programme has on well-being.

This project will be undertaken in collaboration with Gillian Hipp who is undertaking a PhD in this area.


Chris Bowers
Research Question
Can a mobile application change the way we feel by prompting change sin our physical activity?