Forced Diffusion Limited Aggregation - Growing Strange Copper Trees


This project aligns with one of my research interests, and you will be helping forge original research. Copper trees can be grown using electro-deposition of copper from copper wires through a solution of copper sulphate. Easy. Under correct conditions (easy to obtain) you get tree-like structures. This is well-known. Here's an experiment I did last week.


But I have an original experiment planned ...

This experiment will use a ring of copper wires, which are driven in turn. My hypothesis is that the copper trees will appear in spiral arcs. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to code a simulator of my experiment. You will be provided with a mathematical model and direct guidance on how to convert this to code. You may choose any programming platform of your choice, but bear in mind the output of the program has to be a 2D representation (image) of the growing copper tree. Google 'Diffusion Limited Aggregation'. Of course, if you like, I can provide some kit for you do do your own experiments!

Hopefully we shall establish a correspondence between my experiments and your simulations.

Colin Price
Research Question