Detecting Physical Misuse of Mobile Devices


Due to the ubiquitous and pervasive nature of mobile devices they are prone to being exposed to a wide variety of potentially hazardous environments and situations. There is a growing interest in being able to monitor and detect exposure to such environments. An example of this is the inclusion of water ingress detectors in many mobile devices that change colour when exposed to water. 

This project aims to extend the kinds of hazards that can be detected by mobile devices. In particular it should look at impact forces and generate notifications of potentially harmful forces. The project would consist of development and evaluation of potential detection techniques using existing sensors and to develop a working prototype logging and notification application.

Chris Bowers
damaged phone
Research Question
How can we effectively detect mobile device misuse using the available sensors on-board a mobile device?
Proposed Primary Research
Gather appropriate sensor data directly from devices under a range of physical contexts reflecting a range of potential physical misuse.