Machine Learning

Automatic Detection of Emerging Social Media Trends

The project will use simple Computational Intelligence techniques to automatically detect emerging trends on Twitter.

New trends are often identifiable by: 
 - Density of tweets/retweets sharing hashtags
 - Novelty of hashtag

The resulting application should identify any tweets that belong to an emerging trend and present them to the user. 


Exploiting QR codes using an Evolutionary Algorithm

qr code example

This project will investigate the feasibility of using Evolutionary Computation to generate QR codes which contain aesthetically appealing patterns or shapes. 

QR codes typically appear to contain a random black and white grid of squares. However this pattern is carefully crafted to ensure that a URL can be encoded in a robust fashion. Its therefore very difficult to create a QR code with a desirable pattern or structure.

This project will attempt to create QR codes that contain patterns of black and white squares that form an identifiable pattern or shape that is aesthetically appealing. The resulting QR codes may have a significant commercial value as compared to apparently randomly generated codes.