Mobile Application Development

Supporting and engaging with staff on long term leave.

New born baby

West Mercia Police employ almost 4,000 officers and staff across the counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire. At any one time, up to 100 of those officers and staff are away from work for several months whilst they are on maternity, paternity, adoption or other parental related leave. This project is to create a mobile friendly website to support those officers and staff whilst they are away from their normal workplace with information, support and advice.

This project will be undertaken in collaboration with Detective Inspector Liz Warner and Inspector Jack Taylor with the West Mercia Police.


How we move = how we feel

How we move = how we feel. Therefore, if we change the way we move, then we can change how we feel.

This is the core idea that Dance Movement Psychotherapy is built upon.

If we now look at the workforce in the UK, we find that 12.5 million working days were lost in the UK due to stress (Health and Safety Executive, 2017). Many people work sedentary, where very little movement takes place. So with the above core idea, if we get the workforce moving we should be able to change the way they feel, which has been found to work – problem is – any engagement with movement practices (yoga, walking etc) takes time away from the desk and actually doing work.

This project involves developing a programme that is integrated into the working day for those who spend most of their day at a computer. The programme will be built with movement theories, developed by Rudolf Laban, in mind and will measure the impact the programme has on well-being.

This project will be undertaken in collaboration with Gillian Hipp who is undertaking a PhD in this area.



Staff Annual Leave Recording Software / System

There are a large number of staff employed at a local employer, each of who have their own individual allocation of annual leave to take during the working year; which runs from 1st sept to 31st Aug annually.

Depending on the level at which a member of staff is employed they have between 28 and 36 days leave per year.

Currently the employer uses a paperbased system to record staff annual leave, where a member of staff is given an annual leave card in which they record which days they intend on taking off as annual leave, which is signed off by their line manager. Once this is done they hand their card to an administrator who enters the details onto a speadsheet and shared outlook calendar.

The company would like a technical solution to this where each member of staff can log into an electronic system to book their days off, which is then signed off electronically by their line manager, co-signed by the administrator and automatically recorded onto a system.

Your task it to research into the wide range of options for development of such a system, then DESIGN - BUILD - TEST your solution.


Student Attendance Project

Universities are increasingly under pressure to monitor and track student attendance. This project has two potential outcomes for students, namely a research project into options available for this, or an interventional project where an end product is produced to meet a brief produced based on research undertaken.

Project Option 1 - Research

Research into the importance of student attendance monitoring and its implications, including primary research on both students and staff. Explore and critically evaluate the options currently available for technology solutions for monitoring and recording student attendance.

Project Option 2 - Design-Build-Test

Research into the importance of student attendance monitoring and its implications, including primary research on both students and staff. Develop an application, either mobile or web based which will enable efficient and effective monitoring and recording of student attendance. Examples of this could be a mobile phone application that teaching staff could use to scan bar codes on student ID cards or individual QR codes for each student, then record attendance for each session in a secure database.

Existing Examples

Recording and Monitoring Attendance

A Students Attendance System Using QR Code

Student attendance using QR code card


Indoor position sensor

A mobile device is capable of determining its position to an accuracy of up to 10 meters when outdoors. However indoor position requires a greater degree of accuracy to be useful (<1m) and is hampered by lack of GPS line of sight. 

This project will investigate the use of a variety of sensors in combination (Magnetic field, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, orientation) to create a virtual sensor which estimates indoor position. This approach will utilise a technique known as sensor fusion (


Detecting Physical Misuse of Mobile Devices

damaged phone

Due to the ubiquitous and pervasive nature of mobile devices they are prone to being exposed to a wide variety of potentially hazardous environments and situations. There is a growing interest in being able to monitor and detect exposure to such environments. An example of this is the inclusion of water ingress detectors in many mobile devices that change colour when exposed to water. 

This project aims to extend the kinds of hazards that can be detected by mobile devices. In particular it should look at impact forces and generate notifications of potentially harmful forces. The project would consist of development and evaluation of potential detection techniques using existing sensors and to develop a working prototype logging and notification application.