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Does Story-Writing-(Coding) help youngsters to learn to code in Java?

My research over the past 5 years has shown that Primary School children are able to code in Java (and understand some OOP concepts) using the WeeBee engine. The children code animated stories, and nearly all children succeed. This research has led to a number of highly-rated Journal publications. The concept is called 'Story-Writing-Coding'.

However, there is one unanswered question. What helped the children learn to code in Java? Was it the design of the WeeBee engine? Or was it the context of coding stories? Or something else?

This project, which is original research, aims to address the question. You will create an alternative to coding stories, but still using the WeeBee engine. I propose "Turtle Graphics" proposed ages ago by MIT's Seymour Papert, a computing god. You will research Turtle Graphics, and create a number of Turtle Graphics exercises suitable for Primary School children, which will then be deployed in a school.

The research will take place in a local primary school. A comparative study will be made of children's performance in programming using the Story-Writing-Coding approach and the Turtle Graphics approach.

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