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New Software for OO Design & Development Module

This is an exciting opportunity to use your software development skills to contribute to the specialist teaching materials we use here in the Computing Department.

If you did the OO Design & Development module (COMP2431) in your second year, you will be familiar with the 'JavaFish' version of the 'Fish-O-Rama' software framework.  This framework makes use of 3rd party libraries that are now legacy, and we need to upgrade the framework software accordingly.   At the same time we would like to improve its design so that students can be given a choice of IDEs rather than being tied to BlueJ.

This will be a Design-Build-Test project, and although the artefact (ie your software) will be a key deliverable, we will also need to see:

  • a requirements specification and plan, developed through background research/study and discussions with your supervisor
  • a detailed and reasoned software design
  • a development plan/log based on the above design


Please make contact with Marc Price if you are interested in this project.